When it comes to building a custom home, you’re faced with a couple of options, including stick-built or modular home construction. The term “stick-built” might strike you as an odd construction term and take you back to childhood memories of reading The Three Little Pigs. In reality, a stick-built home (classic home construction done with lumber and nails on-site) can indeed withstand the Big Bad Wolf’s huffs and puffs. What may be surprising is that modular homes (houses that are built off-site in an indoor factory setting) can actually be built stronger than some stick-built homes.

The main perks of selecting modular home construction include quicker build time, cost effectiveness, durability, and convenience. Since modular homes are built in controlled environments, you won’t have to worry about inclement weather postponing your home’s completion date. Modular home construction is also more economical than traditional stick-built construction. On average, modular homes cost 10-35% less than traditional home construction. That doesn’t mean that modular home materials are subpar though – they are held to the same standards and codes as stick-built homes. Lastly, if you are putting an addition on to your existing home and decide to go the modular home construction route, there will be no disruption to your current living situation.

Like all things in life, there can be some negative aspects or hiccups that come along with modular home construction. While this may not be an issue for all people, upfront financing may be a concern for families considering modular home construction. Typically, a 20-25% down payment must be paid in full before the modular home can be shipped to your site location. At times, factory backlogs can occur, which could delay your move-in date. Some people may think having to make all design decisions for their modular home up front is a blessing. Others may consider having to make flooring, paint color, cabinet, and hardware decisions all before shipping to be stressful and overwhelming.

What’s the Difference Between Modular, Mobile, and Manufactured Homes?

When people first hear the words “modular home,” they may wrongly associate it with manufactured or mobile homes. Although modular homes are built in factory-like settings similar to where mobile and manufactured homes are constructed, their similarities end there. While mobile and manufactured homes can be moved and relocated, modular homes are permanently built on crawlspaces or basements. Just like stick-built homes are held to specific construction standards and building codes by the state and county they are being built in, so are modular homes. Mobile and manufactured homes are regulated by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) division of the federal government due to the fact that they are not permanent structures.

How Can HFDH Contractors Help?

HFDH Contractors, a veteran-owned company based in Pennsylvania, specializes in custom home construction. They offer both classic construction (“stick-built homes”) and modular home construction. If you decide to go with a modular home, HFDH Contractors will help you select a standard model as a starting point for design and then help you customize it into the home of your dreams. Even if you’re working with a tight space or your land is on a narrow street, modular homes will arrive in sections that can easily be maneuvered and placed on any conventional foundation. If needed, HFDH Contractors can create a basement foundation on your land to prepare for the arrival of your modular home.

HFDH Contractors started as a modular home building company years ago. They have since expanded their services to also include residential home renovation, glass glazing, and commercial buildings. Backed by decades of experience, HFDH Contractors delivers superior construction services in a professional and timely manner. Whether you go the traditional route with stick-built home construction, or you decide modular home construction is the right choice for you, HFDH contractors is here to help!

Contact us today by filling out our online form or by phone at (717) 779-1782 to get started. We look forward to working with you on your next construction project!

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