A deck can transform your home with additional space to gather with friends and family or enjoy some relaxation with the peaceful sounds of nature surrounding you. Adding a new deck or expanding an existing one can increase your home’s square footage for about 1/3 the cost of an actual room addition of the same size. And you certainly would not want to get that grill going indoors!


If you’ve been wishing for that deck of your dreams, give yourself a gift this winter!

Yes, winter is actually a great time for building a new deck or renovating your existing one. Winter months tend to be drier, allowing the natural moisture in wood to dry more quickly and evenly. Hot, sunny days can warp wood in that drying process. Wood also absorbs stain applications better in cooler temperatures. The ground typically does not become too hard for building. In fact, a more stable ground with less moisture will mean less damage to your yard in the building process when materials and building equipment are moved in and out of the space.

HFDH Contractors will guide you through every aspect of your design, but there are two key factors to think about now as you start to make your dream deck a reality – color and material. There is a wide variety of durable materials used in the industry – each with their pros and cons.

The Color Wheel

Take a look around your backyard area. If your space is surrounded primarily by green grass, trees, and shrubbery, colors in the hues of Grey or Tans are good choices. If you have colorful plants, flowers, or a garden, try neutral tones like WHITE, GRAY, or BROWN.

The siding on your home or any masonry, brick, or accents of its façade can also influence color choices as can the interior areas of your home that would lead immediately out to the space. Some colors are more trendy or “modern” such as those grays. Others in the brown hues can feel more traditional and evoke an earthy warmth. Overall, the deck should feel cohesive to your home and extend or complement its look, so use the color wheel as a guide with combinations that are next to each other or complementary.

Material Matters 

Wood has stood its ground as the most popular and traditional. Along with composite, it offers the most versatility in color. Most wood decks use pressure-treated southern yellow pine which helps with added resistance to significant changes in weather. But, for a truly natural wood left untreated, cedar is most common. Some wood choices can also be more doable for smaller budgets, but wood will require a bit more effort to maintain over time.

Composite decking is somewhat of a hybrid, combining recycled wood fibers and plastics. It is made to look like wood but is very easy to maintain and can also be found with a mildew-resistant coating. Composite lasts longer than most options but costs a little more too.

PVC will resist rotting and weather conditions the most. These decks also have a long life. The color comes as is and can’t be changed down the road. So, be ready for the commitment. One upside is that you won’t need to repaint or stain to fix peeling or chipping like some other options. But if you want that more natural wood look, best to stick with composite or the real thing.

Vinyl or PVC is a fantastic option for busy families – the ones with lots of little feet including the four-legged variety. This material is usually recyclable and often treated to repel insects. These decks come in lots of styles, are very durable, and are budget friendly.

Railings come in wood, PVC (reinforced steel support), or aluminum.  Aluminum comes in a wide array of styles and colors. Most of these railings are special order and are more costly than the PVC. Wood railings have the fewest options with pressure-treated wood and require yearly maintenance. PVC is our material of choice.  You can get the standard T-top handrail or add decking on top for a convenient space to sit drinks. These primarily come in the colors of baluster white, black, or tan.  If you desire an earth tone color for your railing, that is also available.

So, don’t delay. Your new deck is just a click away!

with the experts at HFDH Contractors.
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HFDH Contractors looks forward to building your dream deck this winter, so you can relax and enjoy it come spring! Call us at (717) 779-1782 or submit your photos or measurements and project information for a FREE CONTACTLESS ESTIMATE.
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